With the world in a precarious state of flux, the observant artist has ample paths of investigative thought to stoke one's imagination. For myself, being a student of history, science, and social behaviors, the past few years since my last exhibit of new works has provided me with an abundance of inspiration. The overriding theme of which appears to be the absence of good old common sense being replaced with the preference for moronic backward thinking. With no strong moral compass presently in the hands of, to put it delicately, a confused and anti-visionary leadership, our world seems headed towards dark and unenlightened times. My hope is that the world will get its' proverbial head out of its ass before it gets any worse. I ask, what happened to common knowledge? Lack of good basic education seems to me the culprit that has brought us to this. When I hear a high school graduate being asked who was the first person to walk on the Sun and they give a straight faced answer that someone (their choice) has actually walked on the Sun, it's plain to see we're in trouble. You realize how so many can be suckered into the myriad cults and conspiracies running rampant these days. These various frustrations work their way into my paintings but I try to still offer a sense of humor along with the absurdity of it all. As the show title implies, rattlebrained perspective mixed with the melodrama of life's existence, will hopefully pique the interest of the inquisitive viewer Todd Schorr
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